Ark of Life Youth "Rap" Sessions:
Ages 8-17
Discussion of everyday topics, questions and concerns that our youth face in schools and in today's society.

The youth are provided helpful information and strategies they can apply as they make decisions in life. Topics consists of teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, self-esteem, gang violence and more.

To serve as a guest facilitator contact us @ (540) 871-8039

Log on to our events page for information about our "Rap" Sessions.

Parent/Adult Workshops:
Ages 18 & up
Workshops designed to offer parental knowledge on homework,
Teen pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, single-parent families, sexual abuse, violence, diet and health, stress, job training skills, etc.

To volunteer as a facilitator, contact us @ (540) 904-6035.

For information on adult workshops, log on to our events page.

Outdoor Experiences:
Ages 5 and up
Activities: Camping, hiking, fishing, etc.
These events get the children involved with nature and allow them to gain knowledge based off real-life experiences.

For information on our camps, etc. log on to our events page.

Educational Field Trips:
Ages 5 and up
NCCC wants to offer the children educational experiences by traveling and visiting in and out of town historical sites and museums.

For information on field trips, log on to our events page.

Community Outreach:
NCCC's goal is to meet the needs of our local community.

  • Offers free services to its youth and adults.
  • Donates and supports local youth groups and school programs.
  • Speaks and witnesses to the community by sharing the word of God.

Contact us with your community needs.
P.O. Box 6126 Roanoke, VA 24017

To request Charnika to minister or speak, contact (540) 871-8039.

Youth Performance of the Arts Productions:
NCCC is devoted to have its youth minister and utilize their talents through song, dance, poetry and plays.

First Youth Production was in December 2005 titled Angels in Motion.

Guest Ministries and NCCC Youth Participants ministered in song and dance.

The play was titled "If I had Wings." Play was written and directed by Charnika Elliott and co-written by main character (father) - Antwoine Poindexter, Published author of Storitry - from Noon to Midnight.
Main youth character - Miss Deja Browner
Main character (mother)- Mrs. Nicole Page, director of Acting Faith Ministries.
For information on future productions, log on to our events page.
For participation in the productions;

Noah-Christian Acting Faith Community Choir:
Ages 5 and up
Consists of song, praise dance and step
Two Outreach Ministries that joined together to develop a community youth choir.
To sign your child up for participation, contact Charnika Elliott @ (540) 871-8039 or Nicole Page @ (540) 529-5583.

God's Kidz Puppets:
Rahim, Mike Mike and Leslie- NCCC puppet participants that are full of making our youth and adults laugh while speaking the truth and the word of God.
Puppets minister at several NCCC events.

For information when God's Kidz will be ministering, log on to our events page.

For more information contact
NCCC Executive Director, Charnika Elliott at one of the following:
(540) 871-8039
P.O. Box 6126 Roanoke, VA 24017

"...But with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26 (Amplified Version)

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